​During a meeting with the French Chargé d'affaires

During a meeting with the French Chargé d'affaires

Parliament speaker: the reform is the responsibility of all and no party can perform it without the support of other institutions

Council of Representatives Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri received at his private office, on Wednesday, 26 August 2015 Mr. Christophe Castean, French Chargé d'affaires to Iraq.

During the meeting, the political situation and developments of the war on Da’ish were discussed.

Speaker Al-Jubouri confirmed during the meeting that the reform is everyone's responsibility and it is not possible for one party to promote the reform process, pointing out that the success of the reform lies in the participation of all the bodies and institutions of the state.

His Excellency also warned of delay in responding to the basic requests of demonstrators and the application of the reforms voted on by the Council of Representatives, explaining that this would have a negative impact on the overall situation in the country.